History of the Church of God Campground

     The painting at the top of this page is at the Community center across the street from the campgrounds.  The painting represents the time frame of 1905. 

     The railroad was one of the means of transportation used by , the saints to come to the meeting.  The rail car left Neosho around 7 a.m. and traveled/Users/iRDS/Desktop/MonarkSprings.com/images/monark-train.jpg down to Arkansas, then came back again by that evening.  I remember Sister Stover telling me that the saints would be singing and praising the Lord on the rail car when arriving at the Monark Springs depot for the meeting.  The saints supported the meetings with there presence, prayers, and finances.  Money was collected from the different parts of the country to be used for the meetings and for buying of property, the building of the structures, and for the now present campgrounds.

   /Users/iRDS/Desktop/MonarkSprings.com/Monark Web Photo Gallery/1940-tab.jpg  Brother John Stretch was instrumental in the building of the tabernacle in 1940.  Sister Jane Elwell, who is the granddaughter of Brother Stretch, told me how the LORD led him in knowing how to design the tabernacle.  

     A  dining hall was erected at the park to be used for the meeting  until a permanent one was built on the campgrounds./Users/iRDS/Desktop/MonarkSprings.com/images/depot-today.jpg

     This page of the history is by far just a scratch on the surface of the many historical events of Monark.  I would very much appreciate it if any body has more detailed information or any corrections of what has been said, to email me and I will update or correct, or do both, to the information that is here.